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We wanted to make our API simpler, but we didn't have enough time. (Until now).

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Good software engineers, just like good writers, understand the trade off: To quickly create a product comes at the cost of it being imperfectly made. This is another manifestation of "Cheap, Good, Fast; You can pick any two." We had chosen Cheap (for your cost savings) and Good (for your quality). Frankly, we just weren't in a hurry when it came to documentation.

ACME's API for generating QR codes and Animated QR codes has some extremely powerful software supporting the engine. As a result, we have a lot of options (API parameters) to really dial in the animations. These options as they were presented in our documentation frequently overwhelmed folks just looking to make an standard QR code or an animated code.

We've fixed this recently with two major documentation upgrades:

  1. Significant overhaul of our published documentation with helpful examples in the SDK (Software Development Kit)

  2. API 3.0 Definitions and Collections published on

Our documentation re-write presents the simplest examples first, and clarifies the optional arguments for later power users. We also have published working examples in multiple languages with open MIT licensing, so developers can use these scripts to get quickly up and running with our API and make their own software to use our API as their application needs.

Meanwhile, has become one of the leading API sites where programmers can quickly learn, interact, and develop code for an API to efficiently integrate a remote software solution. As a reminder of how easy it is to make QR codes and animated QR codes with our API, here are some of the simplest workflows which work in any web browser.

Want a standard QR code? You can cut and paste this into your browser to get one:!

Adjust the 'msg' parameter to make your own QR code.

Want a nicer QR code? Ask for better resolution and some color with:

Want a super cool QR code for putting on any electronic display? Ask for a demo animation with:

Wait for about 30 seconds, then cut and paste the 'mp4' value returned into your browser. You can set the playback to 'loop' or 'repeat' to get it to cycle forever, always catching the eye of anyone passing by. And yes, you can use your own integrated image instead of our ACME logo, you just need to contact us at

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