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First: Why buy animated QR codes?

Because standard QR codes are inert, static, and visually ineffective at communicating a brand or campaign. Animated QR codes put the quality of your brand up front in an intriguing way that cannot be ignored, while maintaining the practicality of QR codes to frictionlessly engage people directly into your campaign.

Why use ACME to animate QR codes?

  • We're the only firm that has a fully automated animation engine available on the web which has been customized to animating QR codes (or any scannable code). 

  • We don’t just animate the QR codes, we animate each tile of a QR code and we have patented this technology: Patent No. US 10,083,535 B2.

  • We've been creating apex quality animations to the standards of Major Hollywood Animation Studios and the Visual Effects Industry for over 5 years. Our team’s knowledge of these industries spans 40 years. 

  • Our animation engine automates the complete industry-standard pipeline of the Visual Effects Industry. Every code goes through the known stages as needed: Content selection and definition, Modeling, Layout, Keyframing/Simulation Setup, Texturing, Lighting, Animation, Simulation, Cache blending, Frame Rendering, Compositing, Color balancing, and Raster Image processing (Ripping) for final delivery playback files. 

  • There’s nothing Hollywood can do that we can’t also do.

  • Our ‘FULLY AUTOMATED ANIMATION PIPELINE’ means you are saving time and money, while benefiting from the best quality animation the Computer Graphics industry has to offer.

  • We REALLY want you to be successful with your QR code campaign. Standard QR codes are highly misunderstood and have been poorly utilized for over a decade. Now that everyone’s phone camera scans, people can be buying your product within 30 seconds - Of course this is providing your campaign offer is enticing and lands on a properly designed purchase or engagement page. We know how to do this. We will absolutely help you achieve measurable conversion rates that will scare most advertising firms.


What is your business model and pricing?


  • Let’s review the current animation market first: $10,000 a minute for quality computer graphic (CG) animation is a common market price. $500 a minute is the routine cost for custom video production content. Meanwhile, though pricing for ACME animations is highly variable based on the different needs of our clients (Bulk purchase or retail, turnaround time, API subscription, custom service or self-service, direct message embedding or redirected, resolution, to name a few) the power of our fully automated pipeline allows us to offer you these animations at an order of magnitude less than the above current market prices. Our most expense individual QR code is around $1,000 and requires a few days turnaround, our least expensive is $2 and is available for download in less than 2 minutes. 
    • We invite you to review our product offerings:

      • Self Service: Make QR animated codes yourself, on demand, with our always-online Coderunner

      • Request a Full Service quote: Need a few broadcast quality animations? We’ll use our engine to make the animations from our library that you choose. 

      • API subscription: Have a programmer or two on your staff? Subscribe to our API and have your firm’s Information Systems request unique animated QR codes from our system, anywhere in the world, anytime.

      • Full Consulting Retail: Want to grab new sales of folks passing by your retail establishment? We work with some of the top firms in the Digital Signage industry and can assist you to create beautiful high resolution displays along with a beautiful - and effective - animation based sales campaign. 

We know you’ll be happy having the coolest QR code display in town.

What is ACME's capacity to generate codes? 

  • ~2500 a day, minimum. That’s unique animations at around an average of 2 minutes per animation. We can scale up if needed. Keep in mind, some animations take 15 seconds, others can take up to 10 minutes. But remember: there’s no way you’ll have unique animations of unique QR codes made in less time or with less money than with ACME.CODES.



  • We have a variety of applications from Digital Advertising, Personal, Food Trucks, Proximity Marketing, Social Media Linking, Trade show booths.

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