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Our story is all in the name. Born from years of experience in major Hollywood animation studios, we just had to create something uber cool that involved our passion for the animation art form. We want everyone in the world to avail of our beautifully animated 3d QR codes simply by using our coderunner.  With billions using QR codes every day, we felt a duty to put on our capes and save the world from unrecognizable 2D QR codes, one code at a time. ​​

We set out with a simple goal:

"Made Easy"

We certainly made it fun and 'easy'. Even though, below the surface there is a complexity developed through years of experience in the forefront development of 3D animation. Our 'Coderunner' allows anyone to create their own 3d QR code easily in minutes. 


From a fun code for your mobile device to an enterprise requiring more complex animation, we can provide a solution. If you have codes other than QR, no worries, our software is developed to handle any type of code.


Animated Codes Made Easy

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