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You are likely someone with an electronic screen displaying information at a specific location, and you want people passing by to connect with you efficiently for information or for a specific purchase opportunity. You want to impress your audience with a custom integrated branding or personalization embedded into the animation of your high-quality QR code.

You select a custom Mp4 movie animation file of your QR code using our online Animation Library and QR Code Designer, complete with your custom message and your custom image if needed. The animation file created is permanently yours.


You set the price - truly! We charge by the megabyte, but you choose how many megabytes by selecting the quality of resolution you can afford. Example price points are:

  • $0 for demonstration animations to verify our mp4's in your pipeline. The codes will scan, but be wrapped to a confirmation page on our site to verify for you our ability to encode your message, and cannot be used for commerce.

  • $2-$20 for low resolution animations appropriate for mobile devices.

  • $20-$100 for medium resolution animations appropriate for projected computer desktops or window displays.

  • $100-$2000 for high resolution broadcast quality animations up to 8K.

Custom resolutions are supported so you can maximize your price point for your medium. We charge different rates per megabyte for different animations, depending on their complexity, length, sophistication, and computation required to create.

Less than a few minutes for most animations; some animations can require a few hours. A time estimate is provided in the QR code designer when you select your resolution preference.


You are likely:

A professional animation creator, or a business professional wanting the ability to create broadcast quality animated QR codes as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 

All monthly subscribers have access to our Animation Engine, an interactive web page that provides full access to all of ACME's animation engine options. Unlike our Animation Library, the Animation Engine has no restrictions on the resolution and provides full access to all of ACME's animation creation capabilities and options. The Animation Engine lets you create MP4 movie files that are permanently yours after you create them.

Monthly Rates

Animated QR code generation:

Low Volume - Domain Limited                  $200      200 Animations /Month

Low Volume - Domain Unlimited              $400     200 Animations /Month

Standard Volume - Domain Limited        $600     200 Animations /Day

Standard Volume - Domain Unlimited    $1,200    200 Animations /Day



Ongoing hosting of animation files over our Content Delivery Network: Normally an additional $10-$40 / month, depending on volume needs. 

Click image to enlarge screenshot:


You are likely:

A software engineer, or a firm or individual employing a software engineer, and would like to integrate ACME's real-time animated QR code generator into you digital pipeline. 

Monthly Rates

Non-animated, standard QR code generation:

API Low Volume                                               Free   ~100/Month
API Standard Volume                                     $20      100/Day

Animated QR code generation:

API Low Volume - Domain Limited                $200    200/Month

API Low Volume - Domain Unlimited            $400    200/Month

API Standard Volume - Domain Limited      $600    200/Day

API Standard Volume - Domain Unlimited  $1,200   200/Day

Ongoing hosting of animation files over our Content Delivery Network: Normally an additional $10-$40 / month, depending on volume needs. 


Full Service / Broadcast

You are likely: 

Someone in the Television, Enterprise Marketing, or Digital Signage industries, looking for low cost, broadcast-quality high resolution animated content guaranteed to engage with your target audience with a vendor-customized message campaign. You do not want to directly engage with technology; you want an affordable, customized, quality animation delivered as quickly as possible. 

You supply:

  • The message you want to be embedded in the code, and

  • The custom image you want to be integrated into the animation, and

  • Your choice of animations from our animation library

An ACME animation specialist will work with you and provide one mp4 file, privately accessible over the internet,  within 24 hours. We conduct transactions over email or phone, whichever you prefer.

The animation movie file is permanently yours after you retrieve it from our systems. You display it where ever or however you like. 

If you're looking to just buy one animated movie at high resolution, pricing is roughly $20-$500, depending on the animation and resolution you select. For small orders like this, we recommend making your own by browsing through our Animation Library and clicking on 'Try/Buy' to to see specific price points for animation and resolution combinations in our automated QR code Designer.


  • 2-hour turnaround rush: +$200

  • Ongoing hosting of animation files over the internet: Normally $20-$40 / month, depending on volume needs. Requires monthly subscription.


You are likely:

  • Someone who wants to make normal (un-animated) QR codes quickly, or

  • Someone who wants a reliable efficient online service for automatically creating QR codes with a script rather than having to make them on a web page interactively, or

  • You are a software engineer wanting greater control and options for creating standard QR codes. ACME's QR code generator offers features such as color control, transparency, stenciling, anti-aliasing quality, rotation, and resolution in way which is much more controllable than other online standard QR code generation services.

Standard QR Codes are free.

To make standard QR codes interactively, use our free QR code Generator.


If you're a software programmer, you can make direct calls to our API. No API key is required for standard QR code generation. Click here to learn more from our documentation page on standard QR code generation.

Note: Reasonable request volume limitations do apply for our free service; we reserve the right to cap free code volume at around 100 codes per month. For volumes of static QR codes greater than than that, contact ACME.

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