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Print / Standard / Non-Animated


You are likely:

  • Someone who wants to make standard (un-animated) QR codes quickly, or

  • Someone who wants a reliable efficient online service for automatically creating QR codes with a script rather than having to make them on a web page interactively, or

  • You are a software engineer wanting greater control and options for creating standard QR codes. ACME's QR code generator offers features such as color control, transparency, stenciling, anti-aliasing quality, rotation, and resolution in way which is much more controllable than other online standard QR code generation services.

Standard QR Codes are free.

You can use our Coderunner to create them interactively with your phone or computer. Or, if you're a software programmer, you can make direct calls to our API. No API key is required for standard QR code generation. Click here to learn more from our documentation page on standard QR code generation.

Note: Reasonable request volume limitations do apply for our free service; we reserve the right to cap free code volume at around 100 codes per month. For volumes of standard QR codes greater than than that, contact ACME.

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