Security:   ACME brings security (finally) to QR codes. 

ACME Animated QR Codes are much more secure than standard
QR Codes.


  • Our animated codes can be evaluated by people for authenticity.

  • We vet our professional clients.

Vetting: Anyone can make a standard QR code. Impostors can replace your physically displayed QR code with their own, interfering with your scanning audience or even stealing from them. Only ACME customers can make high quality animated QR codes. ACME fully reviews all customers creating professional grade QR codes for their company history and authenticity. As a result, we add an additional layer of security to our professional grade QR codes, much like a certificate authority does for SSL certificates.

Evaluation by people for authenticity:

Think about it. Standard QR Codes are black dots on a white background. Hackers can alter the code or replace it entirely, without your scanning audience being able to sense it before they scan. However, if you display an ACME QR code on your screen, everything changes. Our high quality animations, flowing smoothly between the code and your logo are easily - even pleasantly - reviewed by your scanning audience for quality - without any interfering technology. People can detect if an animation has been altered very easily. Even the smallest alteration to hi fidelity animation is visually disruptive; our brains are literally evolved to detect such imperfections. An altered ACME QR code wouldn't look right if someone attempted to change it. High quality animation is generally very difficult to create, and especially difficult to customize, and even impossible to replicate if the animation itself is presented uniquely to specific users. In certain highly secure workflow applications, a person scanning an ACME animated QR code would know immediately if the QR code was counterfeit before even scanning it. 

The animation in ACME QR codes is no different than the ink dots on the cash in your wallet: very difficult to reproduce or copy, but easily discernible as authentic by anyone.