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Animated Codes Made Easy is a QR Code Generator

We make highly customized short animations of your QR codes.

In most cases, we animate each tile of your QR code to meld from the industry standard scannable state to your custom logo or image.


No special contracts or commitments or apps are required.

You define the QR code - with your embedded URL and image you want animated within - then our QR code generator provides you with the mp4 and gif files, which are permanently yours.

Most of our animations can integrate any image you want, including logos, product images, or portraits.

No one wonders where a scan of your ACME QR code will take them.


So now you know our product: Animated QR Codes.

Here is a list of the range of tools and services we provide so you can present animated QR codes to your scanning audience.

Animation Library and QR code Designer

Browse through our animations easily to find your favorite, then click "Try or Buy" to use our QR Code Designer to order a uniquely animated code which will be generated for you immediately. Some animations can take over an hour, but most are completed in less than 5 minutes. You pick your price point, from affordable mobile to mid-cost desktop to professional broadcast resolution. Not ready to spend money yet? No problem - we offer a free animated QR code so you can verify our service and try integrating the delivered mp4 into your pipeline. This free QR code will have a locked - or wrapped - version of your message in it which cannot be used for commerce, and will verify our ability to embed your message. When you purchase one of our codes, no wrapping or redirecting is present; your animated QR code will work forever with zero dependencies on us.

Animation Engine

An interactive web page is available to paying subscribers which allows customers to make animated QR codes with full and complete access to all creation options of our API, including unlimited resolution.


An industry-standard, fully documented, computer-to-computer interface providing client software anywhere in the world with the ability to dynamically make requests for standard or animated QR codes. 

Custom Services

On a limited basis, we offer clients end-to-end creation of animated codes. You provide the details of the animated QR Code you want, we create it with our technology for a specified negotiated price.

Standard QR Codes
Use our Standard QR Code Generator to embed any message into any QR Code. No app to install, no advertisements. Our enhanced privacy option allows for safe and private QR code generation, even for financial information.


Standard QR Codes from our API

  • Generate free standard QR codes quickly..

  • Automatically create standard QR codes with a script rather than having to make them on a web page interactively. 

  • Create standard QR codes adding attributes such as color control, transparency, stenciling, anti-aliasing quality, rotation, and resolution in a way that is much more controllable than other online standard QR code generation services.

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