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People meet and share phone numbers routinely, but sometimes it's tedious to say the numbers, or too loud an environment to clearly communicate verbally.

One new way to efficiently share your phone number with a friend is with one of our Phone Codes. Phone Codes are QR codes with your phone number in them by industry standard encoding, but ours are animated to the image of a Phone Icon, so it's clear what the QR code is for. When you display your Phone Code on your cellphone, a friend can open their cellphone camera app and scan in the Phone Code, easily adding your phone number to their contact list.

Impress your new friends with your animated Phone Code! You can make one right now in a few minutes with our Phone Code Generator, or learn how easy it is with our Phone Code Demo Video.

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We've completed our backend service migration to Python 3. Not that anyone out there should really care, since our API is unchanged, but we wanted to let developers know we're constantly maintaining the backend stack to be in the sweet spot between:

  • Old software that is very stable, bug free, and reliable, but possibly with security risks and compatibility issues with newer operating systems, and

  • New software that has shiny cool features and performance improvements and security patches, but is possibly more buggy.

To date we've done 12 version migrations. 5 Maya, 2 Python, 3 CherryPy, and 2 MongoDB. We're nerds - we kinda like this stuff. Plus we generally get performance improvements with these software upgrades.

Enjoy the fact that we're keeping our API up-to-date and humming along now for over 7 years.

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You've already paid for electronic media on public display somewhere. So tell me, when will that investment start producing new revenues for you?

When you display an animated QR code on it.

Almost magically, the following happens:

  • Viewers (specifically, potential new customers) will experience their attention being grabbed by the beautiful movement in the corner of their eye.

  • Your brand will be affirmed in the viewer's mind with the high quality of the animation, integrating your brand and product within the code itself.

  • Viewer's will delight in the clarity the QR code presents - a clear portal to purchasing a specific product with just a few taps on their phone.

  • Viewers have a complete sense of safety with your displayed QR code because... due to the intricate animation on an electronic display, it simply cannot be anything but authentic.

Think of that:

Direct revenues driven by your electronic screens and digital signage 24/7/365.

ACME has just released an updated Animation Library & QR code Designer, which will make your QR code campaign the best one out there.

The only question here is...

...what are you waiting for?

Make your custom QR code now by selecting an animation in our Animation Library and having one made for you in minutes.

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