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Python 3 Upgrade

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

We've completed our backend service migration to Python 3. Not that anyone out there should really care, since our API is unchanged, but we wanted to let developers know we're constantly maintaining the backend stack to be in the sweet spot between:

  • Old software that is very stable, bug free, and reliable, but possibly with security risks and compatibility issues with newer operating systems, and

  • New software that has shiny cool features and performance improvements and security patches, but is possibly more buggy.

To date we've done 12 version migrations. 5 Maya, 2 Python, 3 CherryPy, and 2 MongoDB. We're nerds - we kinda like this stuff. Plus we generally get performance improvements with these software upgrades.

Enjoy the fact that we're keeping our API up-to-date and humming along now for over 7 years.

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