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Emotional Impact with Animated QR Codes

Updated: Aug 1

ACME delights in unique animations. We love a nice crisp animation that catches the eye by adding unexpected movement. Comprehensive animations like ours - where every tile of your QR code plays a part - can trigger multiple attention-grabbing emotions in the mind of the viewer. As one of our customers stated: "These animations are so satisfying." We couldn't agree more.

Some of our animations even trigger a pleasant synesthesia in the minds of viewers; a highly effective way to make your QR code campaign deeply engaging and memorable for your customer.

Here’s a famous animation of giant towers 'jumping rope' that produces sound in the minds of almost everyone who watches it, despite the fact that there is no sound:

You could just throw up a standard QR code. Or you could have people literally feeling something about your campaign.

Up your game and use an ACME animated QR code.

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