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Punch into their attention with an animated QR code

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

You've already paid for electronic media on public display somewhere. So tell me, when will that investment start producing new revenues for you?

When you display an animated QR code on it.

Almost magically, the following happens:

  • Viewers (specifically, potential new customers) will experience their attention being grabbed by the beautiful movement in the corner of their eye.

  • Your brand will be affirmed in the viewer's mind with the high quality of the animation, integrating your brand and product within the code itself.

  • Viewer's will delight in the clarity the QR code presents - a clear portal to purchasing a specific product with just a few taps on their phone.

  • Viewers have a complete sense of safety with your displayed QR code because... due to the intricate animation on an electronic display, it simply cannot be anything but authentic.

Think of that:

Direct revenues driven by your electronic screens and digital signage 24/7/365.

ACME has just released an updated Animation Library & QR code Designer, which will make your QR code campaign the best one out there.

The only question here is...

...what are you waiting for?

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