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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

We've finally published our new Animation Browser, a web page for everyone to easily view our public QR code animations at high resolution:

Initially we published an "Animation Library", which displayed low resolution "thumbnails" of all our public animations on one page. But this brought us several problems. First, many phones and web browsers simply aren't able to display multiple animations at the same time, much less an entire library of them. Second, the low resolution thumbnails didn't really communicate the high fidelity of the animations we create. So viewer's web browsers were left overwhelmed at the amount of content to display, and the viewers themselves were left underwhelmed at the reduced quality of each animation.

No more.

Check out our Animation Browser. It displays one animation at a time, at a respectable 800x800 pixel resolution. There's option buttons to reduce display size if scaling is required on your system. Whatever resolution you choose, there's plenty of detail to drink in the full quality of our animations, and also to imagine what your logo or custom image would look like when integrated into the final animation. Pricing is also listed, and simple instructions for purchase are clearly labeled. Not sure about buying from us, or a little unclear as to what we deliver? No problem! Ask to 'Try' as indicated, and we'll send you a 'Locked Demonstration Preview' animation, at no cost to you. This mp4 file will have your custom image or logo in it, with watermarking layered on top of so it can't be used in production. It will also have your QR code message re-directed to our website in a manner that proves to you our QR codes work and can contain your message, but disable the QR code for production. Most importantly, your Demonstration Preview mp4 file will allow you to plug the animation (the demo mp4 file) into your display system or distribution framework to see how your logo or custom image would look like when integrated into the animation you select, and verify that it will scan correctly to your message after you purchase. If you like what you see, let us know, make a payment via PayPal, and in very little time we'll send you an 'unlocked' full resolution animation with no watermark and your raw unwrapped message in your QR code.

And remember as always, any code purchased from us is not re-directed through our servers, nor does it require any ongoing subscription. It will work forever. Note: We do offer subscription, but that's for high volume customers to generate mp4 file animations at high volumes, not QR code actuation.

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