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Acme Full Service Pricing

You are likely: 

Someone in the Television, Enterprise Marketing, or Digital Signage industries, looking for low cost, broadcast-quality high resolution animated content guaranteed to engage with your target audience with a vendor-customized message campaign. You do not want to directly engage with technology; you want an affordable, customized, quality animation delivered as quickly as possible. 

You supply:

  • The message you want to be embedded in the code, and

  • The custom image you want to be integrated into the animation, and

  • Your choice of animations from our animation library

An ACME animation specialist will work with you and provide one mp4 file, privately accessible over the internet,  within 24 hours. We conduct transactions over email or phone, whichever you prefer.

The animation movie file is permanently yours after you retrieve it from our systems. You display it where ever or however you like. 

If you're looking to just buy one animated movie at high resolution (HD 1280 x 729), pricing is roughly $20-$500, depending on the animation you select. See our animation list for specific animation prices.


  • 2-hour turnaround rush: +$200

  • Up to HD-4K: +$200

  • Over 4K: Available, please contact us.

  • Ongoing hosting of animation files over the internet: Normally $20-$40 / month, depending on volume needs. Requires monthly subscription.

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