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Our QR code generator adds a brief

animated movie to include your

logo or promotional content.

Turn your digital screens into connection hubs.


Bring interactivity to any screen with the point of a phone camera.


Think 'inside' the box.


You’ve already attracted traffic to your displays. Now convert them to valuable online clients with our eye catching codes. People can now scan your QR code by simply pointing their iPhone or Android standard camera; no special apps are required anymore.

Easy to make


Enter any message with your image in our Coderunner to interactively generate your own customized 3D animated code in seconds. Start creating animated movies of your QR code, or subscribe to our Animation Engine for production quality resolutions at the touch of a button.

Are you a software developer and you need high volume automated API QR code generation? No problem, contact us, or read the docs. And remember, standard QR code generation is free for both Coderunner and API users.


We know how important your security is. is SSL encrypted and our trusted payment system is Braintree - a division of PayPal.

Scan to Connect


Advances in QR adoption by major mobile manufactures adding built in QR code scanners to phones has removed the last friction point for scanning. Just point your phone camera to scan.  You can also use apps with a built in scanner like Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter to instantly bring you from offline to online.

A Little Magic


Though ACME’s engine is simple to use, below the surface there's a complexity developed through decades of experience in 3D animation here in Hollywood. We can’t wait to show you our exciting new animations.

The moment is now.


Timing is everything. The QR revolution is on! Asian QR code use is now prolific, from street vendors to Social media. 88% of China uses QR codes daily on WeChat to pay bills, buy tickets, visit doctors. India is doing the same on their PAYTM to pay street vendors. ​ Juniper Research: 'Mobile QR Code coupon redemptions to surge, surpassing 5.3 Billion by 2022' ​

Why QR Codes?

  • Scanning is 10 times faster than typing

  • Reports performance (Analytics)

Why Animated QR codes?

  • Educates your audience

  • Informs a ‘call to action’

  • Increases attraction through motion

  • Adds a layer of interactivity to any video

  • Viewer understands the code

  • Aligns with high quality branding

  • Difficult to counterfeit

  • Easy to generate and update

Capitalize on Marketing


You have already invested in the hardware, software and content.  Capitalize on that investment with a 3D Animated Code from ACME. 

You have seen QR codes popping up everywhere, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Wholefoods amongst others. It is projected 45% of all commerce in the USA will be done by m-commerce by 2020. Mobile is now critical to the survival of business as proven in Asia. QR codes will play a major part. With iPhone, Android Facebook, SnapChat and Twitter getting on board adding scan apps, the West is ready to start scanning.

Track Performance


Because these codes can be unique, down to the specific location, product and message. ACME can also be used to track how well content is performing. With the ability to change the brand message on the fly, ACME affords an opportunity to test different content to find out what really resonates with your viewers.


Voting Music downloads

Sports: Action replays

Stats on players



Coupons, Wayfinding


Mapping, notices, schedules

CLUBS/RESTAURANTS/JUMBOTRONS: Merchandise, Coupons, Geofilters

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