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Business Self Service / Animation Engine Access

You are likely:

A professional animation creator, or a business professional wanting the ability to create broadcast quality animated QR codes as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 

All monthly subscribers have access to our Animation Engine, an interactive web page that provides full access to all of ACME's animation engine options. Unlike our Coderunner, the Animation Engine has no restrictions on the resolution and provides full access to all of ACME's animation creation capabilities and options. The Animation Engine lets you create MP4 movie files that are permanently yours after you create them.

Monthly Rates

Animated QR code generation:

Low Volume - Domain Limited                   $200       50 Animations /Month

Low Volume - Domain Unlimited              $600       50 Animations /Month

Standard Volume - Domain Limited          $900       200 Animations /Day

Standard Volume - Domain Unlimited    $1,500       200 Animations /Day


Ongoing hosting of animation files over our Content Delivery Network: Normally an additional $10-$40 / month, depending on volume needs. 

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