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Some of our customers are surprised when we tell them: "You can create an animated custom QR code right now, without using ACME, to create your animated QR codes."

This is not what they expect to hear from us. Then we continue: "However to match the quality of ACME's animations, you'll need to animate each tile of your specific QR code tile layout.

To animate each of the tiles of your specific QR code, it will take you multiple days, if not weeks, if not months. You will need to purchase or acquire, and then learn, how to animate 3d geometry, and process it for effective 2d animation display. Or it will take you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars to hire an animator to do it for you. And, when you're done, you'll have one animated QR code."

If you choose ACME to create your animated QR code, you'll have it within 20 seconds to 2 hours, and it will cost you <$.01 to $100, depending your your needs, your payment model with us, and which of our tools you use.

In rare cases, we have folks ask us for a new animation which we don't have yet in our public library, or to make us a custom animation to be used exclusively by them. We're open to such options, so if that's of interest to you, give us a call.

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ACME delights in unique animations. We love a nice crisp animation that catches the eye by adding unexpected movement. Comprehensive animations like ours - where every tile of your QR code plays a part - can trigger multiple attention-grabbing emotions in the mind of the viewer. As one of our customers stated: "These animations are so satisfying." We couldn't agree more.

Some of our animations even trigger a pleasant synesthesia in the minds of viewers; a highly effective way to make your QR code campaign deeply engaging and memorable for your customer.

Here’s a famous animation of giant towers 'jumping rope' that produces sound in the minds of almost everyone who watches it, despite the fact that there is no sound:

You could just throw up a standard QR code. Or you could have people literally feeling something about your campaign.

Up your game and use an ACME animated QR code.

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  • Peter

It's a complex task to stand up multiple pipelines of multiple apps for automated animation creation. And, as any software engineer knows, sometimes making the smallest change in one part of your complex software system can wreak unexpected havoc in another.

To protect our API users from unexpected breakages, we've created a fully automated test suite to run against the testing/pre-release areas of our API. I'm a firm believer in the idea that any web-based service API should have a web page that tests itself. Before we publish any updates to our API from our test staging areas, this test suite executes all core features of our API so we're sure we haven't broken anything - or 'introduced regressions' in programmer-speak. We also add new tests for any broadly-reaching features of the API, and sometimes even for individual animations that are particularly important to us. Our test suite currently executes over 300 tests in about 3 minutes. Keeping that time low is important; tests suites should be a minimal barrier to the developer release cycle. Our test page also supports arbitrary degrees of multi-threaded requests, so we can measure the total throughput of the pipelines in our API.

The test page has varying degrees of local test verification. In some cases the test page's JavaScript itself is able to verify the integrity of the data returned by our API. In other cases, test verification is best performed by supporting service calls on the API, such as perceptual and absolute image comparisons.*

Also the generated images from the test run are downloaded for display after the test suite completes. Helpfully, the page also supports side by side comparison for any tests that failed. If the images are different due to intended changes, or image comparison sensitivity is too high, the test result images can be added to the canonical library quickly and efficiently, or fully replaced.

Here's a link screen capture movie of the test page in action: * We're considering a new feature to our service; a public facing image comparison service. Visually and statistically differentiating images efficiently as supported by a web service would greatly enhance our test page, and would be helpful to may other software engineers and image comparison folks as well.

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