• Peter

Animated Codes Made Easy now exists

as an LLC with the State of California.

  • Peter

Today Will and I celebrated our first fully automated creation of an animated gif over ACME’s Rest API on our way to badminton. W00t!

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  • Peter

June 9, 2014:

As I write this I am crammed into a van with 12 other people on a Storm Chasing vacation tour throughout the U.S. Midwest, zooming from one massive summer storm to the next. What am I doing to keep myself occupied while speeding between the remote fields of Wyoming and the mesmerizing voids of the New Mexico desert?

Why I’m in the back seat of the van, on my laptop, connected to my Glendale California workstation over a phone data plan and remote desktop (thank you Verizon, you impress me out here), standing up ACME’s first web server. After surveying the server market, we’re going to go with CherryPy because of its Python foundation, which integrates quite well with the majority of Visual Effects software. Also it was easy to get working from the back seat of a van never traveling much below 75 mph.

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