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From: David Duff


Phone: (626) 689-6226

To: Paul Yanover

Hi Paul.


I was excited to read an article about Fandango selling 'Brightburn' tickets through televised QR codes. We provide a service that can add value by animating your codes through our API.


ACME (Animated Codes Made Easy) blends QR codes into fun animations, while making them humanly recognizable. Our eye-popping codes inform the viewer as to where the scans will land, while explaining how to actually scan them. Unlike flat 2d codes, ACME codes are more in line with Fandango’s branding.


Our engine, the ‘CodeRunner’ allows individuals to create an animated code in seconds. For enterprise solutions, our API can generate codes in any format, quality and quantity.


I hope you find our codes as exciting as we do and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,

David and the ACME team!

Here are some demos:



Scanning this image takes users to a mobile friendly landing page

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