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Our Coderunner is a public, always available, an interactive web page that allows anyone to make animated QR codes. The Coderunner supports resolution-limited, fast turnaround animations at retail prices, while standard QR codes are free.   Pricing

Animation Engine

An interactive web page is available to paying subscribers which allows customers to make animated QR codes with full and complete access to all creation options of our API, including unlimited resolution.

Click here to view a short demonstration video.


An industry-standard, fully documented, computer-to-computer interface providing client software anywhere in the world with the ability to dynamically make requests for standard or animated QR codes. 

Custom Services

On a limited basis, we offer clients end-to-end creation of animated codes. You provide the details of the animated QR Code you want, we create it with our technology for a specified negotiated price.


Standard QR Codes

  • Generate free standard QR codes quickly to print..

  • Automatically create standard QR codes with a script rather than having to make them on a web page interactively. 

  • Create standard QR codes adding attributes such as color control, transparency, stenciling, anti-aliasing quality, rotation, and resolution in a way that is much more controllable than other online standard QR code generation services.


So now you know our product: Animated QR Codes.

Here is a list of the range of tools and services we provide so you can present animated QR codes to your scanning audience.

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